Workshop Types

(The following workshops can be tailored based on your student organization, population and the time of year. Don't see what you're looking for? Still fill out a workshop request and tell us what topic you want!)

Undergraduates on A Bruin Budget
Learn how to save money as an undergraduate at UCLA. From cool apps for your phone to housing and books

Graduate School on a Bruin Budget
Learn how to balance grad school on a budget--from tuition and transportation to food and entertainment. 

Understanding your Finances - What Does Wellness Have to Do with It?
 A self-reflection and dialogue space to examine our relationships to money, tools for coping with financial stress and entry level tips on budgeting, loans and credit. 

Caring about Your Credit 
How does a miss payment on a loan impact you? What goes into a credit score? How should I use a credit card? Find the answers to these questions and more! 

Apartment Hunting Made Easy
Learn how to budget for an apartment, how to start looking for an apartment, and what to look out for before signing a lease.

Conquering Loan Fear One Step at a Time
Borrowing large amounts of money can be scary. Learn how to navigate this process from loan acceptance to repayment. 

Graduation on a Budget
 Graduation can be an exciting but also stressful time. Learn how to navigate the graduation process without breaking the bank.

Socialize on a Shoestring
Learn ways to still go out and have fun with your friends, family or partner without breaking the bank! 

Investing and Retirement Basics Version 1.0 and 2.0
Are you interested in investing but don’t know where to start? Get an understanding of the terms and know how you need to start investing!

Overcoming Our Debt
 Learn the difference between good and bad debt and different methods for paying debt off. Figure out how to tackle what can seem like a mountain of debt!

Want to Learn How to Buy a Car/Home? 
This is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. Come learn about the tips and tricks dealers do not tell you about! This workshop is done in conjunction with the Wescom Credit Union.